Jer Keller


In my work and personal life, I gravitate toward opportunities to pair creativity with a technical challenge. In the past few years, I have developed a passion for programming. Learning the craft of programming has re-ignited my joy for learning and a desire to take my skills to the next level in a fast-paced, creative environment.

Career History

Software Developer

Zeroarc (2018)

I contracted with Zeroarc to help them revamp and redesign the technical documentation for their flagship product, Candid, which provides lifecycle management capabilities for biostat teams. Composed in markdown format, the documents are in an extremely lightweight format, and I used CSS and JavaScript to give them a unique style.

In addition, I assisted the founders with updating the old React codebase to use a Redux store to manage state instead of Flux.

Freelance Web Designer and Developer

Self-employed (2017 - 2018)

Early in my coding journey, I discovered a niche building websites for local small businesses. I saw this as a great opportunity to earn some cash, clout, and experience programming in a real-world situation. Each client project was completed on time and within budget.

Completed client projects:

Personal portfolio site:

ASO Correspondence, Intake, and Appeals, Regence BlueShield, Burlington, WA

Lead Ambassador (2007 - 2018)

I am currently a Lead on our Correspondence team, which involves supporting front-line employees with analyzing complex clinical information and synthesizing external communications for multiple audiences inside deadlines of 48-hours or less.

In addition, I’m responsible for creating and maintaining technical instructions for my team’s processes.

While working at Regence BlueShield, I have found myself gravitating toward projects that allowed me to engage my technical knowledge and creativity. I spent several years managing the department letter writing system, including programming letter logic and working with leadership to develop more efficient processes. After analyzing the overall effectiveness of our outreach efforts, I automated more than a dozen manual processes and increased efficiency by reducing our letter inventory by 21 percent.

During my time on the front-lines of the Correspondence Team, I was able to work on several notable projects. I designed and published our team’s first Excel-based reporting solution which allowed department leaders to track our timeliness as we moved from a 46 percent to a 95 percent accuracy rate over 2 years.

I also participated in a collaborative, cross-functional team project to develop a spreadsheet tool to replace our paper-and-ink aging report system. The project saved the company thousands of dollars in paper and ink, and I received a bonus for my efforts.


Massive Open Online Course focused on JavaScript technologies

After working in the medical insurance industry for over ten years, I made the decision to learn how to program. I spent some time researching which language to learn, and I finally settled on JavaScript. With a wife, three children, and a full-time job, an on-site coding bootcamp or university program was not a financially feasible option. The free curriculum offered by provides the structured program I need to stay focused on building my skills.


Completed projects:


Personal Projects

Projects I have completed to further my knowledge of JavaScript

Completed projects:

University of Washington, Seattle, WA

B.A. Communication, 2006

In addition to my general coursework, I also immersed myself in guided research for a tenured professor, taking an in-depth look at historic theaters in the Pacific Northwest. I enrolled in a course load oriented toward experimental physics to satisfy my love for science.

Other Interests

I play drums for several local bands and also provide audio engineering and production services.

*References available upon request